Superbowl ads gay dating site

Jesus and Obama bobblehead dolls duke it out, an almost-nude model caresses a pumpkin, and Mickey Rooney does the unthinkable.

Why it was banned: Apparently, Fox execs thought the beeper service’s fart joke was too much.

Her coworker replies by saying “welcome to the club”—and everyone starts making out.

There’s also some random weirdness sprinkled throughout, like the unexplained guy wearing a bunny suit.

The tagline: “Go to Hell.” Why it was banned: That concluding imperative, which EA eventually softened (the company replaced “Go to Hell” with “Hell Awaits”).

The Examiner also notes that at one point, the ad shows a character holding a Christian cross—which also probably wouldn’t go over very well with any sort of religious Super Bowl viewer. “Bad Date,” Ashley (2009) The ad: A woman experiences a terrible blind date with a man who can’t stay off the phone or keep his eyes to himself. Why it was banned: According to CNBC, not only was the ad banned from the Super Bowl, but the site for illicit affairs was also banned from advertising on all NFL programming until the end of time.

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