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Although full custody no longer exists as a meaningful legal term, Tennessee lawyers and judges may still be heard in courtrooms using the words custody, sole custody, or full custody descriptively; meaning the parent with whom a child resides more than the other parent and who has final decision-making authority.

Be mindful that when Tennessee permanent parenting plans became a requirement in 2001, the legal terms Tennessee used to describe custody concepts completely changed, too.

Final decision-making authority is separate from residential time and can be allocated by topic, such as education or religious training.

Top 5 Things to Ask Your (Potential) Divorce Lawyer " data-medium-file=" Stock_000019759359_Extra Small-300x300.jpg" data-large-file=" Stock_000019759359_Extra Small-1024x1024.jpg" class="size-full wp-image-12058" src=" Stock_000019759359_Extra Small.jpg" alt="Answers to FAQs | Tennessee Child Custody" width="425" height="282" / Traditionally, full custody meant roughly the same thing as sole custody.In Tennessee, the term primary residential parent, or PRP, means the parent with whom the child resides more than 50% of the time.For other legal reasons, a primary residential parent must be declared even when parents share exactly equal time with their child.Under prior Tennessee child custody law, custodial parent generally meant the parent with whom the child primarily resided and the parent who exercised final decision-making authority.Under current parenting plan law, these concepts are split.

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