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Danny was a sweet little piece for Liz to reenact all her sexual fantasies involving Larry Wilcox's character on CHi Ps.And he rubbed her knee pits in a way that we’ll never understand, because a lady never tells.Of course, neither their shared interests nor their fear about choking alone in their respective apartments could make up for the fact that one lesbian and one woman with bi-curious shoes does not a relationship make.There was really no future with Gavin once he revealed that his shut-in status had less to do with his agoraphobia and more to do with the fact that he was under house arrest for a bevy of white collar crimes (including racketeering, and nobody knows when that is).For some, enjoyment of any TV series is inherently tied to the main characters getting romantic.

If only he had paid more attention to counting the men.Their courtship was brief and weird enough to inspire Liz's gay cousin to get the next train back to his rural, coal-mining hometown. He blogged about Star Wars (the strategic defense initiative, not the fantasy movie with the monsters), loved commemorative tote bags, and was one of the more insufferable characters to ever grace the show.It was only a matter of time before Liz dated a Black. Because breaking up with him only fueled Steven's theory that she was a racist, it took an accidental shooting to get him out of her life. Even though the relationship was doomed from the outset, Gretchen Thomas nonetheless is probably the most stable person that Liz Lemon has ever dated.Then, beginning in Season 6, things started to line up for old Liz Lemon.She began renovations on her apartment, she started talking about babies, and she found someone that accepted all of her crazy.

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