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Family Watchdog isn’t the only site to offer this service.

Users can visit the The Department of Justice National Sex Offender List to search for offenders nearby.

The information is often displayed on free public websites, but can be published in newspapers, distributed in pamphlets, or through various other means.

It’s important to note that Megan’s Law, sex offender registry websites and apps exist to provide information that allows us to make smart decisions about where to live, people and places to avoid, and to help keep our families safe.

You simply click on a square to see the offender’s name, photos, place of employment or school, a list of convictions and any other known information.

This information can help you know which neighborhoods, homes or businesses to avoid, and can help you make a more informed decision if you’re considering moving to a new area.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure this information is 100% accurate all the time.

If you are aware of missing or inaccurate information, for example, if you know for a fact that an offender has moved, you can report this information to the police or directly to the website.

Family Watchdog is a free resource that allows you to search by name or location to find registered offenders.The paid identity theft services below offer automatic notifications if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood.Below is a list of other resources you can use to search names and locations or to sign up for email notifications. The Rapid Protect App (previously called POM Offender Locator) is available for both i OS and Android.Family Watchdog also allows you to sign up for email notifications to alert you when an offender moves into your neighborhood.You can also have notifications set up for the places you and your family frequent, such as a school, library, park, church, family members’ houses, or daycare center.

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