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Put less spiritually, saying a phrase at the right time during an attack ensures proper breathing. The naming of attacks also served a more practical purpose as many martial arts schools, Chinese ones in particular, used to be secret societies.

The passing down of techniques was done orally and giving them esoteric names often facilitated this transmission.

A variant has a Combat Commentator recognizing the attacks being used (usually with a line like "That's the legendary such-and-such-and-something-or-other technique!

") and explaining them to any other characters watching (and the audience, of course).

Please feel free to contribute any macros you might have, but please make sure they work before posting them. (remove the /cast Blood fury) if you're not can orc. #show [mod:shift]Hamstring;[mod:ctrl]Heroic Strike;[mod:alt]Cleave; Mortal Strike /startattack /equip [form:1/3]Shadow's Edge /cast Blood Fury /cast [mod:shift]Hamstring;[mod:ctrl]Heroic Strike;[mod:alt]Cleave; Mortal Strike #show [mod:ctrl]Execute;[mod:shift]Rend;[form:1/3]Overpower;[form:2]Revenge /startattack /cast [mod:ctrl]Execute;[mod:shift,form:1/2]Rend;[mod:alt]Sweeping Strikes;[form:1]Overpower;[form:2]Revenge;[form:3]Battle Stance;[mod:shift,form:3]Battle Stance #show /cast [mod:ctrl]Heroic Throw;[mod:shift,form:1,worn: Two-Hand]Berserker Stance;[mod:shift,form:3,worn: Two-Hand]Pummel;[mod:shift,form:1,worn: Shields]Shield Bash;[mod:alt,form:1]Shattering Throw;[mod:alt,form:3]Battle Stance; Victory Rush Fury Spell reflect.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ARMS MACROS Cast battle stance and equips your 2 hander.( Props to jerry) Casts different skills depending on modifier key pressed. Note this macro wont change you into battle or defensive stance from berserker stance, which means you have to do that manually, I prefer this because it saves me having to make another macro for when I just want to equip a shield.

Another variant, primarily found in video games, displays the attack name on screen as it is being executed, without a vocal "call".

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MACROS FOR ALL SPECS Shield Bash / Pummel; If you’re in battle, or defensive stance and have a shield equipped it will cast shield bash, without a shield it will switch you to berserker stance and cast pummel.

[...] "Laeral's Cutting Hand," she announced, her tones a mockery of his own.

If not modified, then taunts your current target Weril ~ 3.3.5 tested (taunts mouseover with alt pressed, else taunts target or if target is friendly taunt his target) (Tested in 3.3) When out of combat this macro will switch to Battle strance and cast Charge on an enemy and then swich back to Defensive stance (3 clicks).

This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.

New on these forums but I thought I'd just throw the macros I use out there, never know some one might find them useful. You will need at least a basic understanding of warriors spells and abilities to make much sense of this post. If you're in battle or zerker stance it will also equip you're 2 hander and cast Bloodfury if you're an orc.

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