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570 The French queen Arnegunde is buried with hemp cloth. Another of the ealiest written narratives of the use of Cannabis as an inebriant. Ibn al-Baytar of Spain provides a description of the psychoactive nature of Cannabis.

1171-1341 During the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt, Cannabis is introduced by mystic devotees from Syria. Arab traders bring Cannabis to the Mozambique coast of Africa.

430 BCE Herodotus reports on both ritual and recreation use of Cannabis by the Scythians (Herodotus 100 Imported hemp rope appears in England.

105 Legend suggests that Ts'ai Lun invents hemp paper in China, 200 years after its actual appearance (see 100 BCE above).

It is used by medicinally and ritually as an offering to Shiva.

This closely matches the stories told by Herodotus.

1526 Babur Nama, first emperor and founder of Mughal Empire learned of hashish in Afghanistan.

1532 French physician Rabelais's raise hemp for industrial use.

1549 Angolan slaves brought cannabis with them to the sugar plantations of northeastern Brazil.

They were permitted to plant their cannabis between rows of cane, and to smoke it between harvests.

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