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alum did not reveal his lucky lady's name, he did admit that "his love life is good" — and we couldn't be happier for him! I was with her for eight years, it's what it is," he explained. "I was sitting in the audience a couple of weeks ago and Jenni ["JWOWW" Farley] has been on there, Nicole ["Snooki" Polizzi] has been on there, Mike ["The Situation" Sorrentino]'s been on there, and you know Frankie Muniz is on there. It's been longer than most of my relationships besides with [his former co-star] Sam [also known as Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola]. It's super low-profile." This is something new for us Ronnie followers, who have seen him in not one but TWO high-profile relationships since his time in the spotlight — first with Sam and then again on (Photo Credit: Getty Images) "Obviously Sam, eventually if things ever happened, whatever — she always will be a part of my life. We are a REAL singles community that self polices itself.In the meantime enjoy honest real free dating with no gimmicks!

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It wasn't just yesterday, though, it's been almost five full years (OK that just made me gag) since the show's final season aired, and a lot has changed since then.

I mean, can anyone really blame her for keeping her relationship out of the media? It also helps that Sammi's new man isn't in the entertainment business, so it's easier for them to keep a low profile.

Here's to hoping we keep getting adorable pictures of Sammi and Christian in the future.

The reality TV sweetie has been dating someone new since *at least* April, though, so, of course, we're all wondering who this mystery man is.

Thanks to my amateur sleuth work and the media's inability to respect celebrities' private lives, I'm pleased to report that Sammi's new man's name is Christian Biscardi and, though he may not be a former shore house resident, he certainly looks like he could have been.

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