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It was a shock when they saw me as Samantha for the first time, because they didn’t recognise me.‘They tried to understand and accept that it was something I had no choice over.’Sam says it is true that her life as Samantha quickly became worse once the novelty wore off.

Life as a woman is hard work, she says, and much easier as a man.‘The transition was very successful.

All surgery can ever do is create an approximation, and I have paid a very high price for that decision.‘The first my parents knew of it was when they phoned me, heard my higher-pitched voice, and said: “What’s wrong with you?

”‘When I told them I was transitioning into a woman, it greatly upset them.‘After my main surgery, I went to see them for a holiday in Jordan.

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She is a very different woman from her sexy younger self, Samantha.

It was very emotional,’ says Sam.‘The last time my ex-wife saw me, I was an alpha male with a moustache and a sports car.

I hardly knew my daughter, because we’d lost touch over the years.‘It was very civilised.

He is a retired colonel in the Iraqi Army.‘He wanted his brother back. He told me: “Your children can’t call you Mum, you are their father.”‘In my parents’ eyes it was a good thing to reverse back to the gender I was born, but I didn’t fully realise just how irreversible the original surgery was.‘When people come to me for advice, I tell them to think very carefully.‘My view is, as long as you feel like a woman, that is what you are.

You don’t need to have an operation, you don’t need anything.’Interestingly, Sam says that her reversal back to being a man was more challenging socially.‘Charles Kane did not really serve me in any way.

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