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Sefström isolated and named it, and later it was shown that Río had been right in the first place.Hatchett found the element in columbite ore and named it columbium.He had intended to name it after the newly discovered asteroid, Ceres, but by the time he published his results in 1804, cerium had taken that name.Wollaston named it after the more recently discovered asteroid Pallas.

Janssen and Lockyer observed independently a yellow line in the solar spectrum that did not match any other element.Carl Wilhelm Scheele, Henry Cavendish, and Joseph Priestley also studied the element at about the same time, and Lavoisier named it in 1775-6.Distinguished pyrolusite as the calx of a new metal.Heinrich Rose proved in 1844 that the element is distinct from tantalum, and renamed it niobium which was officially accepted in 1949.Wollaston discovered it in samples of platinum from South America, but did not publish his results immediately.

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